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*gravity falls theme*

*gravity falls theme*

an actual unedited bt screencap
(i started working on it… again….)

an actual unedited bt screencap

(i started working on it… again….)

important question i want ur opinions on

i’ve been considering cutting the ‘dating’ aspect of the game. now hear me out

the more ive been thinking about the characters, the world, and the actual structure of the game, im just unsure of how important it actually would be to any story i’d want to tell? there just isn’t really a good, natural way to blend solving mysteries and picking a partner without it feeling forced. 

if the dating were cut, i would be able to structure the game into separate cases, similar to ace attorney. each case would still be led by/focus on one of the three boys, as you help them solve their individual mysteries independent of each other. you could still develop friendships, you just wouldn’t like. kiss.

this puts less pressure on me to figure out routes and points and whatever, and i’d be able to focus on writing cohesive a to b narratives rather than trying to make point a go to point b, c, and d. and the actual mystery solving mechanics and gameplay would be more of the focus.

basically, my question is: is this a deal breaker to anyone? i know ive been billing bt as a dating sim since its conception, but the idea has developed and changed so much since then that im just not sure if it’s actually the best way to go! at least not with this particular game. 

let me know what you think in an ask or a reply!!

gOD i hate doin these

guess what i have time for again


Florence would get the bottom bunk. She’d modify it to house her computer to finish off assignment. Lugging all of that to any higher bunks would be more trouble than it’s worth.

I’d be fine with the middle bunk! I need pretty regular sleep for work so it’s fairly important I have an easily accessible bed.

And.. Well. Miss Cooper wouldn’t sleep over often but the bunk is still available to her if she needs it.


With a busy work schedule and social life, I don’t have too much time for games. When I do get a chance to play, something that doesn’t need a lot of explanation or require me to remember plot points is the best. You saw me play Katamari a while back; that’s my favourite right now!

Object Crossing used to be my reliable fall back to games but I haven’t had the chance to go back to it and I’m worried about how my village looks…

My friends made up a small server a while back for this mining game but I haven’t had a chance to play. They even made me a skin for my character! Looks a little funny but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it if I start playing.

((If any of you want the skin, it’s here))


((I’m still here.))

If Finn's werewolf form is changing, is his human form also changing?

i havent thought about it in weeks but probably not by much. his werewolf form didnt even change that much, it was just how i drew it.

while im makin a post here im mega sorry to everybody following here that ive basically fallen off the face of the earth, at least on this blog. ive been really busy with school and just havent had the drive to work on bt lately. the project isnt abandoned, it’s just put on indefinite hold. im sure some day ill be able to sit down and put more solid work into it but right now im focusing on classes and things that are less time consuming 

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